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UniQuest Custom Reporting Overview for International Enrollment Management

Creating exceptional international student journeys at scale requires a dedicated and agile team to respond to students’ needs with the best information, on the best channels. But even an incredible team needs the right technology at the center of their work to help track and analyze conversation history, student data and other key insights to create the best high-level strategies and individualized campaigns. UniQuest Enrollment Advisors track all of this data in the UQ Platform, creating a single view of the student journey that informs relevant next steps from strategic planning down to crafting just the right message at the right time for a specific student. Powered by the platform, the UniQuest team shares international student enrollment cycle reports in various forms that allow each member of your team to see the information they need down to a granular level.

International Enrollment Management Reports Overview

Dedicated dashboards within the UQ Platform and strategic reports delivered by our team create a bridge between your partners at UniQuest and your own in-house team, allowing you to synthesize information to ensure each student’s needs are met and your strategies are in perfect alignment. There are several factors that make our insights and reporting unique.


Different stakeholders across your college or university need different data. Rather than spending valuable time sifting through each part of a report for the needed items, each team member can create filtered dashboards and reports that show them the exact data they need. For example, you can see student pipeline data, student FAQs and sentiment data, and decision-making insights by region or country, by study level, by degree. Customization means you can investigate all of your strategic questions to optimize marketing and recruitment performance.


Trust is critical to the success of any public-private partnership. As part of our mission to be an embedded partner, we provide complete transparency into our operations through our platform and our weekly catch-ups. We show how the UniQuest team is interacting with prospective international students, tracking all communications we’re having with them. Partners can see high-level trends into the volumes and outcomes of communications across all channels or even drill-down to the student record to see the content of every email, phone conversation, live chat dialogue etc.

This transparency means you maintain a real-time pulse on recruitment performance as well as student feedback.


Through UniQuest, all of our partner colleges and universities have the opportunity to connect and share insights with one another. Every year, we host a partner group day where the partner community exchange insights, challenges or strategies for success. We also make connections between events where we identify areas of common interest or circumstances where one partner has overcome a particular challenge another partner is currently facing.

Types of Reports

UniQuest regularly reports, in various formats, both performance data and student recruitment insights throughout the enrollment cycle. This allows colleges to get in-cycle insights, like year-on-year data comparisons and operational trends.


Each week, our partners receive updates on UniQuest’s operations, from how many communications were sent to each student to frequently asked questions and student feedback. These frequent reports give a granular look at each international student journey and offer insights into how your enrollment office can make them exceptional.


Monthly reports provide year-on-year benchmarked data that would otherwise be missing in-cycle. Partners gain an understanding of how they’re performing benchmarked against their performance to-date in the previous cycle and also against their peers, giving context that can help finetune targets and improve forecasting.


After each enrollment cycle, we provide a detailed report where we present comprehensive trends from the student journeys managed over the year. We present detailed, benchmarked findings related to student conversion. For example, these reports include student conversion trends by inquiry and lead channels, pipeline trends by inquiry channel and country, engagement trends by communication type and topics. Our partners can compare YOY data and view which countries yielded the most inquiries, applications, deposits and so on.

Special Reports: Quarterly

Supplementing insights from our day-to-day work, we perform original research studies to address specific questions important to the international education sector. For example, we lead original research on Stealth applicants, or applicants who apply without any previous contact with an institution. As we gather data from this longitudinal study, we send quarterly, detailed reports on our findings to our participating partner colleges and universities. These exclusive insights help our partners stay at the forefront of international student recruitment innovation.

Transform Your International Student Conversion

With the UQ Platform and reporting capabilities on your side, your enrollment office will gain unique student journey insights to optimize student recruitment and conversion. Contact us today to learn more about the unique combination of people, platform and process that makes a partnership with UniQuest so worthwhile.

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